Ultimate Rent To Rent Bundle – Both SA & HMO Courses

The Ultimate Rent To Rent Bundle For SA & HMO - Classes & Mentoring All in One



There is no other course or mentoring like this available with this VALUE. Both Ashley Banfield & Jimmy London teaching you & supporting you as you learn, grow, and scale your property business.

You will also join other very experienced Property Business Owners who have many years of experience and a vast knowledge base that all get to tap into. some have 5 properties, some 20, and others over 100 at last count.

We provide weekly training and updated material along with membership to an exclusive WhatsApp group for daily support and updates from your mentors.

The course alone have over 20 hours of content which you can re-watch and go back over if and when you need to. This is truly the One-Stop Shop for all things Rent To Rent.

We look forward to meeting you, training you, and helping to grow your property CASHFLOW.

Ashley & Jimmy

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