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These are the top 5 strategies for Property Acquisition using little or No Money Of Your Own.

Lease Option

Vendor Finance 

Assisted Sale

Planning Gain

Rent To Own

Before we get into them let’s look at What No Money Down really means.

Firstly many will say that no money down property strategies like the ones mentioned are not possible. You can’t do No Money Down deals. Secondly and fortunately for us and you, yes they can.

In fact the majority of professional property investors use only these strategies so they can grow their portfolio much quicker instead of saving over many years to buy one property at a time.

FACT  – No Money Down, means, none of your own money, very little (legal fee’s etc.), or other people’s money (banks, investors etc).

How Do You Start?

One of the questions we get asked a lot is why would you want to do No Money Down Deals? Almost entirely we are asked this by beginners who lack knowledge and understanding of how property investors operate.

The number one thing that beginners think the problem they don’t have the money to do it or lack the funds they think they need – this alone stops most from being skilled professional full time property investors.

The number 1 quickest way to build a property portfolio is with The No Money Down strategies.

As mentioned above there are FIVE strategies used day in day out. No matter what the market cycle. In fact today is the best time to get started. You can find out more about how to learn all 5 strategies by clicking here Live Events Page

Lease options?

An option agreement is a contract between the owner of a property and a potential buyer, which gives the potential buyer the right to purchase the property during a specified time, called the “option period”, for an agreed price.

For owners, it may be a chance to receive a payment up front in anticipation of a future sale or a way to sell a property which requires works they don’t wish to undertake themselves.

A lease option, is, where you would pay a small initial upfront, what’s called a consideration for a property, which allows you to secure a contract on the house, where you agree the purchase price today, but pay for it over an agreed period of time.

When you take an option on a property, you’re taking the option to buy something that appreciates in value.

You lock in your purchase price today. It might be that you agree a price of let’s say, £250,000, and you’re going to buy the property any time in the next 3-7 years. If that property goes up in value over the next 7 years, everything all of the equity growth over £250,000, is profit minus and legal fees and so on.

In addition if you add extra value to the property by refreshing, refurbishing or add space over the period this will add more to the end sale or value price. So you can see you will not lose out – only win and it must be a win win for you and the vendor.

We also create income whilst we control the property by way of rental income which is where we teach you how to run an HMO, Serviced Accommodation or simple standard let property.

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Vendor Finance

Vendor finance is about getting the vendor, the owner of the house/property to finance the purchase of the property for you.

Wow!!! How can this even happen?

When somebody has a property valued at £250,000. They have a £200,000 mortgage. They sell the house for £250,000. They are not making £250,000. They’re making the £250,000 less their £200,000 owed to the bank for the outstanding mortgage.

Instead of taking out a £250,000 mortgage and a big 20% deposit you can take over their current £200,000 mortgage. You let the homeowner be your bank, and service their mortgage rather than you taking out your own and service that debt over a period of set time.

Another example of vendor finance might be somebody with no debt whatsoever on a property.

How about if you can offer them £300,000 for a £250,000 property?

If you offer somebody today £300,000  for their £250,000 property, they may consider this over other much less offers. Especially if the property needs work.

Instead of paying the bank you’re now paying the homeowner instead. You don’t need a deposit either. And the owner gets their asking price, plus interest on their money.

You can also add value to the property, make a profit from the property over time, plus income.

We will teach you how to structure the deals so you don’t have to make any guesses or expensive mistakes.

Assisted Sale

This is where you assist the homeowner by refurbishing the property, have it valued at a higher price and them then split the profits. You get an uplift in the value and so does the vendor.

You can give the homeowner their asking price, instead of trying to buy it below market value giving you much more power over a standard offer.

We also remove such high costs as  stamp duty, capital gains tax, estate agent’s cost and holding costs.


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Planning Gain

Planning Permission. We tend to use the first strategy above, Lease Options and secure the property on an option to buy subject to Planning Permission.

Once the property is in our control we then apply for the Planning Permission to the Council. We apply for the planning. If we don’t get the planning, we don’t purchase the land. If we do get the planning, then we buy the land.

There are various options you can then apply to the end game depending on local demographics, what properties are in demand for both purchase and rental. We will show you how to research the area and how to get the maximum profits out of the scheme.


Our favourite of all the above strategies.

With the age of first home buyers rising and the cost to enter the market in the traditional way of saving a deposit and so on it’s less and less likely that many people will be able to get onto the property ladder in the coming years.

We assist by helping Tenant Buyers.

The benefit for the tenant-buyers, is, they pay an amount of money upfront to secure the purchase of the property. Then they pay a monthly rent every month plus top-up. The top-up is deducted from their future purchase price agreed upfront. They lock in today a future purchase price for their property. There is much more to the structure of a Rent To Own which you can find out at Live Events

With rent-to-own, the buyer (which may be you) gets to lock their purchase price in today, and then at 3-7 years, has saved up towards being able to buy that property. Massive benefit for them and/or you.

So, there are 5 of the No Money Down strategies.

In our one day intensive course we will teach you how to find and structure these deals. We’re going to real detail around exactly how you can structure these deals, how you can build a property portfolio using creative No Money Down investments strategies.

That is No Money Down property investing in a quick outline