Rent To Rent Bundle – Both SA & HMO Courses

Course Description

The Ultimate Rent To Rent Bundle For SA & HMO - Both Classes All in One


There is no other course or mentoring like this available with this VALUE. Both Ashley Banfield & Jimmy London teaching you as you learn, grow, and scale your property business.

You will also join other very experienced Property Business Owners who have many years of experience and a vast knowledge base that all get to tap into. some have 5 properties, some 20, and others over 100 at last count.

The courses alone have over 20 hours of content which you can re-watch and go back over if and when you need to. This is truly the One-Stop Shop for all things Rent To Rent.

We look forward to meeting you, training you, and helping to grow your property CASHFLOW.

Ashley & Jimmy

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