Serviced Accommodation Automation & Systems Training

Course Description

Serviced Accommodation Automation & Systems Training

Attention: Serviced Accommodation & Holiday Let Entrepreneurs!

Learn How to Increase Your profits & Save Tons Of Time…

Priya Chauhan & Ashley Banfield have put Together this Comprehensive One Day Course to Teach you the Critical Training for Automating your Business.

This is the ultimate complete Serviced Accommodation & Holiday Let Systems Training only available here helping you set up professionally and easily with comprehensive work flows helping you achieve additional profit for less work.

  1. Comprehensive insight to Serviced Accommodation Systems and Automation along with the unique Serviced Accommodation Automation S.Y.S.T.E.M.S model used and how to use it in detail for maximum profit.
  2. Presented by Ashley Banfield & Priya Chauhan – both experienced property investors, Serviced Accommodation Operators, Trainers and Business people you will have all your questions answered.
  3. Priya has been running SA’s for the last 5 years, and yes she survived the covid pandemic and thrived since. Priya has vast experience as a Senior Project Manager having completed the Terminal 2 build with a great group of people. In 2017 she turned her skills to Holiday Lets and has never looked back. Her systems allows her to not only grow and scale her business but also allows her to free up her time to spend with family and care for my 2 young children.
  4. The unique 7 STEP S.Y.S.T.E.M.S. System we have created is based on developing your business towards automation;
    1. SCRUTINY – Deep dive into the back and front end of your current business automation & systems.
    2. YIELD – how to get maximum revenue per stay
    3. SURVEY – learn what your customers are happy with when it comes to automation
    4. TARGETS – what to automate in your business today and into the future
    5. EVOLVE – grow your business and use measurements to gauge how well your systems are working in the future
    6. MOMENTUM – how to take your business to the next level
    7. SETUP – Priya will show you step by step how to set up your automations
  5. You get the full benefits of Automation
    1.  Guest registration
    2. Terms and conditions signed
    3. ID collection
    4. Guest contact details collection
    5. Guest verification
    6. Sending out check in details
    7. Upsells
    8. Electronic property manuals
    9. Revenue Management
    10. Cleaning schedule
    11. Cleaning log for every clean
  6. No more spreadsheets, No more Charge Backs.
  7. Get More Profit – Get More Time

You will get the Exact “Step by Step” Method for Automation used by us

This will be an intense learning course so be prepared to learn, write stuff down and go back again and again if you wish

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Priya Chauhan & Ashley Banfield