HMO Rent to Rent Course

Course Description

HMO Rent to Rent Masterclass

Learn How To Earn Income From Property You Don’t Own In less than 11 Hours

This is a comprehensive masterclass in HMO Rent to Rent with a real expert with a tour of part of the 31 total current portfolio – something others cannot offer as they simply don’t have any properties.

The complete HMO C.A.S.H.F.L.O.W. system helping you set up quickly and easily with a comprehensive flow helping you get the right property in the right area. Other course cost you way more and deliver much less.

  1. Comprehensive insight to HMO’s along with the pricing model used and how to use it in detail for maximum profit.
  2. What area to focus on and why. This is your C.O.R.E
  3. How to speak to agents to find deals and what not to say.
  4. How to furnish for maximum effect
  5. What to say to the council and how to get planning and licensing for C4
  6. The new Management Agreement for HMO’s all included
  7. The HMO Calculator so you can analyse every deal with confidence
  8. What Software to use so you can use multiple sites and tenants
  9. What property type is best and why – this will surprise you.
  10. The type of demographic we look for and how it makes us much more profit than most.
  11. Automation, what we use and how we use it. Key technology and insights.
  12. Fire Safety Walk Through
  13. What occupancy/void rates are right and break even points helping you choose the right area and property.
  14. Property set up including where to get your furniture and fire safety materials.
  15. SpareRoom and EasyRoomMate set up plus multiple other ways to find tenants
  16. The tenant mix you MUST have
  17. How to research and the tools needed
  18. Systems to set up your business for sustainable cashflow
  19. Minimum stays and minimum people to use with license to occupy and AST’s.
  20. Insurance and where to go for the best deal
  21. How to deal with Article 4
  22. How to deal with the mortgage lending question and rules
  23. Freehold and leasehold – how to comply
  24. Permissions and regulations and much much more on the day

Plus much much more…


This will be an intense learning course so be prepared to learn, write stuff down.

See you soon

Ash and Jimmy