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About Wealth & Success

Real Property Investing Education From Real Experts – Specialists in Rent To Rent

Wealth and Success Academy is the brain child of two friends Ashley Banfield and Immanuel Ezekiel. They both have a shared passion for helping people like you achieve the success you deserve. Both are seasoned investors in property and Immanuel is a Master of NLP and life coach. They teach you how to build wealth in property and to get started with cash flow and the mindset needed to sustain the success.

Whether you have a large amount of money to invest or nothing at all we have a strategy for you. Many of our students who have trained with us have gone from zero income to many thousands of pounds income per month with property they don’t even own. Strategies such as Rent to Rent and Serviced Accommodation are the hottest strategies right now for cash flow and residual income.

Immanuel is also a prolific property developer with his main portfolio in London and he is helping many achieve wealth through property quickly.

Wealth and Success comes in many forms and many of our clients and students look for both wealth through financial gain and in life itself. It doesn’t matter what social status you are or what level you think you’re at, we will get you to the very top of your capability.